Selection France 2019

Why these contests?

Simply to remove women from the role of "second hands" and position them on the front line of the gastronomy scene.
They, who guarantee the subsistence of their families since the dawn of time, deserve to come to light and occupy the space to express their talent. Even today a woman, though bright and ambitious, will have many more difficulties than a man when it comes to making a name in haute cuisine ... And if some have managed to make a dent in this environment, they are nevertheless a minority. Women cook and make pastry, and they are excellent in both sectors.
The Cuillère d'Or is nothing more than a small kick in the anthill, and even when mentalities are evolving, we must verify that if some have managed to make a place in the world of gastronomy is conjugated mainly in masculine.

And therefore, we do not say a popular phrase that says "in every man a woman sleeps"?


We must point out that in 2018, about 621 restaurants with stars in the Michelin Guide, only 17 are women. A symptomatic figure of the situation of female chefs in haute cuisine: few are those that reach the top.

(Professionals and amateurs will be awarded in each category)


(Professionals and amateurs will be awarded in each category)





La Cuillère d'Or Trophy Cuisine - selection France

(Professionals and amateurs will be awarded in each category)





La Cuillère d'Or Trophy Pastry - selection Francias

Since 2018 La Cuillère d'Or has created a new competition for
the young admirers of their predecessors and passionate about

La Cuillèrée d'Or - appointment in 2020

France Selection:

April 15, 2019 in FERRANDI- Paris

The only international trophies reserved exclusively for women, prepares its 10th Anniversary.
Before the International 2020 Final, on Monday, April 15, 2019 the France selection of La Cuillère d'Or trophies, founded and presided by Marie Sauce-Bourreau, will take place at the famous FERRANDI Cooking School in Paris.
La Cuillère d'or are 100% gastronomic contests open to professional and amateur women, in two distinct categories. And they will take place in France, Paris, in Lima, Peru, in Valencia, Spain, in Louisville / Kentucky, USA from March 13 to 15, 2019, and in China.



A mixed jury, composed of the most prestigious Meuilleurs Ouvrier de France  (MOF), recognized professionals and presidents of gastronomic associations will put the notes to the talent and expertise of our finalists.

• Virginie BASSELOT:  MOF – Chef at Le Negresco Niza - President of the Jury of the Trophy Kooking 2019/2020

• Christelle BRUA – Pastry Chef at the Pré Catelan in Paris - President of the Trophy Pastry 2019/2020

• Guillaume GOMEZ - MOF - Président des Cuisinier de la République- Sponsor 2019/2020 La Cuillère d'Or

• Thierry CHARRIER - Chef  de cuisine at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. President of Honor 2019/2020 of La Cuillère d'Or

• Anais BESCONB - Most awarded French Biathlete - President of Honor 2019/2020




Selection Jury France 2019:


• Marie-Jo LE GUEN GEFFROY - Chef of the Ministry of Oversees



• Denis RIPPA – Chef of the Hôtel de Matignon


• Michel ROTH – MOF and Bocuse d'Or - Co President Euro Toques France


• Philippe BERTRAND – MOF Chocolatier - Cocoa Barry


• Pascal GRIERE – MOF - Instructor



• James BERTIER – Confectioner Chocolatier - Sucré Cacao - Paris


• Rémi LEBON – Chez Fernand - Paris


• Babette de ROZIERES –La Case de Babette - Maule / Delegate in charge
de la Cité de la Gastronomie, Regional Council Ile de France, TV presenter


• Patrick DRUART – Racing Club de France - Paris



• Dina NIKOLAOU – Evi Evane – Paris


• Ghislaine ARABIAN – Les Petites Sorcières - Self-taught, it is the first woman of her generation who got 2 Michelin stars.


• Ilham KADRI - President of Diversey Care



• Lucien VEILLET – Former President of the National Cooking Academy



• Christian MILLET - President of French Chefs



• Christophe RAOUX - MOF - Chef de cuisine of the Peninsula, Paris


• Thierry CHARRIER - Chef de cuisine of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs



• Jacqueline ROUCOU-PAGES – Daughter of the famous chef Roger ROUCOU


• Jean-François GIRARDIN - MOF - President of the Society of Meilleurs Ouvriers de France


• Jocelyne CAPRILE : 1st Vice President of the Society of Meuilleurs Ouvriers de France



• Chistian TETEDOIE – MOF - President of Chefs of France


• Stéphane GUENAUD – In charge of the silverware at the Elysee Palace



• Pierre GRANGE – Chef de cuisine at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food


• Guy LEGAY – MOF – Ritz Paris


• Agnès DELAVEYNE – Granddaughter of the famous chef Jean Delaveyne


• Sandrine KAUFFER – Founder and Director of Nouvelles Gastronomique, France-Julien Binz



• Cynthia MEROPE - Member of Comex METRO - Women in Trade Ambassador


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