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To this day, cooking is no longer a matter of survival.
From the vital nutritional functions, gastronomy has become an cultural heritage: - a huge leap in history! - A commitment between know-how and tradition. More than a theme of taste, it is an art, and like any art form, it is the expression of its authors, its love for the kitchen and its
desire to share. The feminine specificities within the world of gastronomy, are fully expressed.


However, and although traditionally the kitchen was a female domain, it is no less true that this world is still a world of men.

We had to wait until 1933, so that two women, Eugénie Brazier and Marie Bourgeois, were recognized and named by the famous red guide, the only reference in the matter at that time. Since 2010, "La Cuillère d'or" is the feminine gait in gastronomy.

Open to professionals as well as amateurs, these awards pay homage to all the "toquées", those who have already obtained the famous chef hat.

Coming from multiple horizons, they have as a common thread to be animated by the passion for cooking and pastry, transmission and shared experience, tied  to their bodies.



Marie Sauce-Bourreau

Founding President


The 2019 finalists


On April 15, 2019, the 5th edition of the Golden Spoon Trophy will be held in Paris and will be chaired by the founder of the association and trophies, Marie SAUCE-BOURREAU, alongside Danielle CROST, vice-president and Christian TETEDOIE, honorary president of the association.

The finalists were selected by the organizing committee on December 18th to compete in April

2019 at FERRANDI Paris.

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