La Cuillère d’Or is 

neither Sexist,

nor Feminist

it’s only 100% Feminine

La Cuillère d’Or are the prestigious competitions where they are measurepassionate amateurs and award-winning professionals

in each category, and whose primary objective is to honor women, 

promote their talents, their creativity, their know-how and their own sensibility.

Because we know, that even though women are less represented

than men in this profession, many of great Chefs have been inspired

in the recipies of their mothers or grandmothers.

And it is no less true that, since de world is world, the kitchen has been the place mainly inhabited by women, because indeed they have been the ones that fed generations after generations and deserve be recognized.

It is from 2008 that this idea began to germinate in the spirit of Founding President…and it was in 2010 that the first edition of La Cuillère d’Or took place in France, now recognized by professionals in France and on international level.

It’s a real take-off table for women, to encourage them to dare their way of expressing themselves, daring to face challenges and, as we expect, to present themselves in the future to other high level mixed competitions.

Beyond the trophies, we accompany these women in their day to day professional journey, through meeting, listening and actions.

La Cuillère d'Or, this prestigious gastronomic event that brings together conviviality, excellence, art of living and well-being, is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary!

Unique events where we will find the values that we all share:

Sustainable development, respect for the environment, wellbeing, responsible cooking, transmission of know-how ... Culture, whether artistic or culinary, is not a vain word.




President - Foundress

Danielle CROST 

Vice president

Christian TETEDOIE – MOF 

President of Honor

  Patrick Druart 

  Ghislaine Arabian 

  Nicolas Rutard 

  Corinne Herbin 

  Pierre Caillet – MOF

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