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METRO France, partner of La Cuillère d'Or



Recognized provider of independent restorers for more than 45 years, METRO accompanies chefs in their daily work throughout France, in order to allow them to preserve their independence and to perpetuate their activity, while encouraging their creativity.
METRO France is the only company capable of providing the products and services necessary for the operation of establishments, and covers
from the ultra-fresh local food products, to the most sophisticated kitchens, as well as the services adapted to each one needs, such as the complete conception of professional kitchens.

A committed and responsible actor
Aware of its social and environmental role, Metro France opted to accompany independent restorers with the program "My restaurant versus sustainable", highlighting responsible products and practices, for example, proposing to reduce meat on dishes, but also other services that allow to optimize the efficiency of the establishments. The commitment of METRO France is to demonstrate that it is possible to provide solutions to sustainable development in the establishments, respecting the regulatory and economic requirements.


The place of women within the business universe is also a topic of first importance for METRO. Within the framework of the 2nd edition of the "Day of Restorers and Independent Traders", METRO commissioned an international study on the situation of independent traders. An important part of this study was devoted entirely to women entrepreneurs, often left out in discussions about entrepreneurship, in order to give them the recognition they deserve.
The study showed the differences and difficulties to which they are confronted throughout their professional career.
For all these reasons, METRO is proud to be a major partner of the Contest

"La Cuillère d'Or".


DIVERSEY, is proud to renew the collaboration with the 5th Edition of La Cuillère d'Or and celebrate the 10 years of this 100% feminine gastronomic contest.

As a pioneer company, we are committed to making life easier for millions of individuals around the world, thanks to a safe and healthy environment. Our ambition is to protect people on a daily basis, developing innovative technologies and proposing durable hygiene solutions.
Ilham Kadri, President & CEO Diversey, active member of the previous editions, supports this initiative that allows the emergence of new female talents.


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