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First Partners already announced:

METRO France, partner of La Cuillère d'Or



Recognized provider of independent restorers for more than 45 years, METRO accompanies chefs in their daily work throughout France, in order to allow them to preserve their independence and to perpetuate their activity, while encouraging their creativity.

METRO France is the only company capable of providing the products and services necessary for the operation of establishments, and covers

from the ultra-fresh local food products, to the most sophisticated kitchens, as well as the services adapted to each one needs, such as the complete conception of professional kitchens.


A committed and responsible actor

Aware of its social and environmental role, Metro France opted to accompany independent restorers with the program "My restaurant versus sustainable", highlighting responsible products and practices, for example, proposing to reduce meat on dishes, but also other services that allow to optimize the efficiency of the establishments. The commitment of METRO France is to demonstrate that it is possible to provide solutions to sustainable development in the establishments, respecting the regulatory and economic requirements.


The place of women within the business universe is also a topic of first importance for METRO. Within the framework of the 2nd edition of the "Day of Restorers and Independent Traders", METRO commissioned an international study on the situation of independent traders. An important part of this study was devoted entirely to women entrepreneurs, often left out in discussions about entrepreneurship, in order to give them the recognition they deserve.

The study showed the differences and difficulties to which they are confronted throughout their professional career.

For all these reasons, METRO is proud to be a major partner of the Contest 

"La Cuillère d'Or".

DIVERSEY, is proud to renew the collaboration with the 5th Edition of La Cuillère d'Or and celebrate the 10 years of this 100% feminine gastronomic contest.


As a pioneer company, we are committed to making life easier for millions of individuals around the world, thanks to a safe and healthy environment. Our ambition is to protect people on a daily basis, developing innovative technologies and proposing durable hygiene solutions.

Ilham Kadri, President & CEO Diversey, active member of the previous editions, supports this initiative that allows the emergence of new female talents.

From its first edition, Bragard supports this very beautiful event that is the trophy of the Golden Spoon. Our brand is proud to be at your side, ladies, and to accompany you in your daily life.


For more than 16 years, Bragard has been creating and developing collections exclusively for women. With you, and with you, we realize the jackets of tomorrow.


We support your passion, which you share with us through your creativity and your sensitivity.


Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with us!


REYNAUD, the specialist in sustainable seafood and responsible since 1924.

Since its origin, notably through its OSO® brand, Reynaud has made responsible resource management a priority in order to limit the negative impacts of the fishery on the environment.

Reynaud works mainly in partnership with professionals who share its objectives of excellence, taste and quality.

Driven from the ocean to the plate of consumers by its engineers "Quality and Sustainable Development", its approach ensures food safety and traceability throughout the chain.

REYNAUD offers to its clients Restaurateurs and Poissonniers and now Individuals a premium and original selection, built on a commitment "Values" such as:

The promotion of the French, local or regional and artisanal fishery: Seasonal products, from French fishing sectors respectful of littoral and traditional methods of fishing.

The promotion of sustainable sectors, the fruit of our own labeled productions, symbols of gastronomic and environmental excellence in responsible aquaculture, certified Organic Farming 'BIO', responsible fishery 'MSC', and fair trade (ETI).

The assurance of a traceability, a care, and an exceptional freshness, meticulously controlled by our engineers, who ensure a careful watch 24h / 24h & 7d / 7d on qualité

Find all the information of the group on

"The group Matfer Bourgeat wanted to join the competitions of the spoon of gold 2019/2020, competitions of Cooking and Pastry exclusively dedicated to

women, who are enjoying great success even outside our borders.

French industrial for more than 200 years we are proud to accompany talented women in their project and make them participate in the influence of French gastronomy in the world.

United around common values, work, transmission, sharing, trust, we want to facilitate access to cooking and baking to the largest number of women still too few today in positions of responsibility.

When we know that only 6% of women have Chef positions in cooking, there is still a long way to go for parity ...

Women have long been relegated to their domestic kitchen where, however, they are the ones who structure the tastes and vocations of generations


This initiative helps to recognize the talent and professionalism of women and helps them express their creativity and their vision of cooking and baking, complementary to those of their male colleagues, without sexism or feminism ...

summary opens the doors of this beautiful craft.

Moreover, many men leaders recognize that a mixed brigade works much better and welcome women, who must fight to be recognized and arrive at the top.

Anne-Sophie Pic for which I have much esteem and admiration is the only Chef 3 stars, and we still have no MOF in Pastry.


This partnership is also the story of a meeting of women ...

When I attended the presentation of the 2016 Trophy I found the initiative of this wonderful contest, it was the only event of our profession dedicated to women.

I then exchanged with Marie Sauce and I discovered a generous woman, courageous, caring, selfless and eager to advance the common cause of women in this universe of gastronomy long reserved for men both in our kitchens and in industries of the sector.


Anxious to make life easier for women in their daily tasks, Matfer Bourgeat, world leader in kitchen equipment and laboratories, invests in research and innovation to develop with them tools better adapted to their uses and support them on the way. of Excellence ...

Marine Mora "

Because the golden spoon is a competition for women, all women (professionals, amateurs and even girls !!!).


This contest allows all these women to show their expertise, their talent and share their passion, at a time when the masculine imprint in the gastronomy world predominates.


Because I am a woman, passionate above all by my profession and that this contest shares the philosophy of our champagne house is that: the love of the work of the good done, the love of the transmission of a passion and especially of share magical moments with unique people.


When Marie Sauce proposed to me to be a partner of the golden spoon, I naturally accepted because I have a deep admiration and a sincere friendship for Marie, who is for me, the very generosity, a person who gives his time, his person and his heart count ....


As such JYPERARD champagnes are happy and honored to be partner of the golden spoon for its 10th anniversary and 10 years is celebrated as it should with bubbles of course!

Behaviors and uses are constantly changing and require careful monitoring. If my business touches a variety of industries, all seek visibility, each requiring an adjusted, creative and relevant response.



Among these areas of activity, food trades have long mobilized my professional involvement. React to create "responsive" sites, facilitate access to immediate information (QrCode), reference, create a 3D animation, film an event, arrange a space, create and design a new packaging, structure the volume of a dessert to enhance the alliance of tastes and textures, to innovate a manufacturing process, to create a visual identity are so many distinct missions for which I was trained (industrial design, food design, graphic design and architecture, digital and digital technologies) and for which I intervene daily. Like a chameleon, I literally "go back" in the problem to perceive all the angles and define the one to privilege, always aiming for the interest of my customers and my partners.



I am committed to supporting the work of the Golden Spoon with my work and to help promote and support women, professionals and amateurs, participating in the Trophée founded and chaired by Marie Sauce Bourreau. I want to serve excellence, an obvious challenge for all; passionate and passionate!

"FERRANDI Paris is always very happy to accompany the Golden Spoon, a 100% female contest.


I would confess that I am personally delighted, on the one hand, because this competition highlights the talent of the chieftains, and on the other hand, because Marie Sauce Bourreau, creator and president of the Golden Spoons, is a woman of which we are (very) many to appreciate the commitment for our profession and the generosity.


This contest, which is gaining momentum from year to year, has grown from a national to an international dimension, with several participating countries now and others "knocking on the door".


On April 15, 2019, FERRANDI will host the France selection on its Paris campus. But by March 2020, we will be proud to receive the world finals and celebrate the 10th anniversary of this adventure, carried by Marie and her team of volunteers.


Do not burn the steps even if they are thrilling. Until then, RDV next year for this beautiful event.


Bruno de Monte

Director of FERRANDI Paris "

For 175 years, Cacao Barry has been applying all its know-how and expertise to offer gastronomy professionals an exceptional chocolate. Founded in 1842 by Charles Barry, a true pioneer and passionate about chocolate, it was during a trip to Africa that he discovered the cocoa beans that allowed him to create his very first exceptional chocolate.


Now Cacao Barry is:

• A presence in more than 90 countries (France, United States, Canada, South Korea, China, Japan, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom ...)

• Many varieties offered from exceptional plantations in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

• Made-to-measure services to give chefs and pastry chefs more freedom in their creation.

• An international community of chefs and Chocolate AcademyTM worldwide (21 Chocolate AcademyTM, 11 chefs Cacao Barry, 75 ambassadors Cacao Barry).

• A responsible and committed brand for the environment, with the goal by 2025 of offering 100% sustainable chocolates.

Nespresso Professionnel is proud and honored to accompany the 4th edition of the Golden Spoon Competition.


Preceded by its excellent reputation in the world of gastronomy, Nespresso is committed to discover the finest coffees in the world to allow chefs to integrate them into their menus and enrich their creative offer.


With over 750 restaurants run by top chefs counting among Nespresso Pro's customers around the world, our presence in the kitchen sector is part of our DNA.


The cuisine is not limited to high gastronomy, and our commitment to many corporatist associations testifies to our willingness to support women and men who honor this job, done work, knowledge, transmission, sharing and friendliness.


Too few women are present in the kitchens today, so we want to accompany this wonderful competition, make cooking accessible to as many of them as possible, and also showcase their talent in the food industry.

With more than 60% of women in its workforce, KAVIAR is particularly happy to be partner of the final France and International of this 10th edition of the Golden Spoon with its caviar selections STURIA!


As a pioneer in sturgeon breeding but also as the leading producer of 100% French caviar, the company has always been eager to act in order to share and perpetuate its values, its artisanal know-how which is not other than the result of the work of men and women passionate, respectful and applied to the development of a unique caviar in the world!


As a partner of the Golden Spoon, STURIA wishes to contribute to the recognition of the many talented women passionate about the profession and support a process that can change the mentality of a profession still too masculine!

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